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You might have some applications either in Excel, Access, ADF, Oracle Forms or other that you want to keep but in a new environment. Through our Migration Factory we can help you move it to e.g. APEX or another platform.


Sometimes it is difficult to handle a project like an upgrade of user interface, database, etc. Where do you start? What skills are necessary? Why interrupt your daily business with "just another interim" project. Run it through our Migration Factory smoothly and easily and get the result delivered at your doorstep.    

24/7 DB and App maintenance

Why invest in further resources for maintaining your database and applications instead of focusing on your existing business, users and customers.

APEX Development

SoftBASE is an active member of the APEX development community and has held lectures domestic and abroad. We do structured APEX Development, using the SoftBASE Master App, which is adapted to the customer's environment.

Lift & Shift

(Cloud services)

SoftBASE has a proven lift&shift method for application and databases to the cloud. Our method, which is a phase-based method, secures fast, and approvable results in every phase.


MMS (Multiple Management System) is a unique ERP system, which matches the markets biggest ERP in data support combined with the simplest setup and User Interface.

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