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Legacy app modernization

Oracle Forms applications often provide an out-of-date client/server user experience, may have poor usability and accessibility issues, have difficulties working with various browsers, and are not mobile friendly. Finally, it is often difficult and cost prohibitive to hire skilled Oracle Forms developers.

For net new requirements or major functional upgrades, it may be best to consider your alternatives. As Oracle APEX and Oracle Forms are both SQL and PL/SQL based, and provide declarative development environments, it is easy for developers to transition from Oracle Forms to Oracle APEX.

Spreadsheet replacement

Almost every organization utilizes spreadsheets to disseminate and report on data. Why? Because spreadsheets are so easy to create - anyone can put together a spreadsheet once they have the data. Once created they often send it out to colleagues to help update, and so forth. This inevitably leads to numerous copies with different data and very flawed business processes. A far better solution is to have a single source of truth stored in a fully secured database with a browser-based app that everyone can use to maintain the data.

Executive dashboards

Gain control of your day-to-day work and align business goals across your entire organization. Let SoftBASE build powerful dashboards that can help you visualize data that brings  value to your business.

Boost your employees motivation to perform better by displaying the most relevant KPIs and progress across locations. The options are endless to give you and your your employees the best overview of their performance.

Opportunistic Apps

Organizations have a huge backlog of apps they require to meet every changing business needs and to stay competitive. These are generally not enterprise apps and may only be required for a limited time, but are needed yesterday. The requirements may be poorly defined, and the business priorities may change rapidly, which is why the apps must be very fast to build and easy to update as required.

Cloud services

SoftBASE has a proven method for moving applications and databases to the cloud. Our method, which is a phase-based method, secures fast, and approvable results in every phase

Enterprise System Extensions

ERP systems provide extensive functionality out-of-the-box, however, they don't always provide the specific reports you need, or may be missing functionality, especially if it is specific to your industry or your organization. You may also find common business processes that take far too many steps to complete making them inefficient. In such cases, building an extension using APEX can deliver the appropriate information or greatly improve productivity and hence user satisfaction.