We are a modern IT-company focusing on migrations of applications from one platform to another. We have done several international migration projects and have more than 25 years of experience. 

Our business model is simple. SoftBASE is a Migration Factory where our customers deliver the application and/or database at our door step, we migrate it with the help of own developed migration software, proven standards and methods and add new features if necessary. We then deliver it back tested and ready for production. We are the bridge so to speak.

We believe that quality is better than quantity and therefore is our team highly experienced consultants. They have all worked in the business for years from positions like DBA, development, CIO, etc. in mainly bigger organizations.

Our customers are IT-departments in international corporations or larger IT-companies who do not have the resources or skills themselves but also smaller companies who have a need for migrating applications. On top of migrations we can also help with 24/7 maintenance of databases and applications, Lift & Shift to the cloud, and general migration of applications.

We do migrations from COBOL, Oracle Forms, MS Excel, MS Access, PowerBuilder, Delphi, Oracle ADF, Oracle RDBMS, Visual Basic to a modern environment like SQL Server, .NET, C#, APEX, JAVA, etc. 

We are experts in PaaS and SaaS and we emphasize integration between Private and Public clouds. This service may originate from several clouds, but appear transparent to the users. 

One of our very strong parameters is customer support and awareness. We care about you and your issues and all our staff is measured on customer satisfaction. One thing is to upgrade or develop an application or database. Another thing is to help and be there both before and after you go live.

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