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Like most successful businesses, we have a strong passion for helping smaller companies by trying to eliminate administrative tasks and boring transactions by offering an online accounting system called BizzPath. We love professional system design and have done that for over 3 decades.






It is all about you and your company being able to perform better, focus on your customers and do the things that you were meant to do, namely care about your business.


Every time we make a decision about new functionality in BizzPath the starting point is you and your business. It is not about solving a need. It is about solving the need in the right way in order to optimize and make your day even better and smarter. All the time.


We aim to stay true to our mission: providing easy-to-use systems that are designed together with you and your needs and we insist on using the best practice and to provide the best service for you and our partners.  SoftBASE was a small company once so we know exactly how you feel and what your challenges are. No wonder our customers keep coming back for more!


Our business model is simple. SoftBASE delivers BizzPath online and you subscribe to use the system. There is no education, consulting fees, installation, etc. as it is all included in the subscription.








BizzPath runs in Oracle Cloud and can be used on any device such as mobile, PC, iPad, etc. from any location with access to the internet.


Yes, we are growing fast with new customers each and every day. But we will never forget where we come from and why we are here. We want to make you easy to do business with.

Screen Pring Invoice.jpg

Download, print or email your invoice in different languages

Screen Action.jpg

Almost unlimited possibilities for charts, reports, downloads, sorting, filtering, etc.

"Search-as-you-type" facilities in BizzPath

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Choose the language that suits you

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