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SoftBASE migrate Aluline A/S to Oracle Cloud

Aluline is a knowledge based and strategic outsourcing partner with specialties in high technological and complex production. Key competences are primarily within engineering, process, innovation and processing of aluminum. Aluline produce total solutions and single components, including design, construction, product and production maturation. Development of production methods, assembly and quality assurance of customer specific products.

Aluline sells products to telecommunications-, electronic-, audio-, medico-, defense- and the automotive industry to a long list of well-known industrial companies around the globe.

Aluline employees approximately 100 highly skilled craftsmen.

In order to stay ahead of competition and be able to handle the administration more efficiently Aluline decided to move the IT infrastructure to Oracle Cloud. It is not an easy decision as a lot of things can go wrong and therefore it was key to Aluline that the process was done smoothly and fast.

SoftBASE used their well proven methodology based on 3 steps: Define Phase, Design Phase and Deployment Phase and the go live was done over the weekend. Monday morning when the staff was back, they could immediately start working and could hardly feel the difference.

The IT-infrastructure consists of database and application servers, WEB-servers, VPN’s, local printing, CIFS mount, VCN to LAN, etc.

The real value for Aluline in Oracle Cloud is that almost everything regarding IT-infrastructure is handled automatically and therefore Aluline can use the saved resources and time to focus on customers, better service, and efficient production.


“That was fast and efficient…” was the first statement from Rene Schow Jørgensen when Aluline went live in Oracle Cloud. Beside minor issues locally with print outs everything worked perfect, and performance is even better than before. SoftBASE used their standard Cloud method divided up into 3 phases and the involvement from our side was minimal. And most important for us, there was no interruption in the daily business during the process.

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