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Pennant International Group migrates 1,450 Oracle Forms

Upgrade of 1450 Forms to level 12c - combined with new look & feel plus addition of integrations and workflow functionality.

Chris Mair, General Manager at Pennant International Ltd Fareham

The OmegaPS LSAR Software suite is an Internationally recognised industry strength Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) application, developed over 28 years and include additions of functionality and further compliance with military standards worldwide.

The system is implemented into complex environments and the policy has been to secure continuity, integration and safe upgrade.

The system currently deployed is an Oracle Forms & Reports and Oracle DB version 11 application including some additional APEX developed functionality.

The Forms Value-upgrade toolset from SoftBASE neatly matched Pennant’s policy and allowed us to accelerate modernization of the look & feel of our forms and add components for screen reporting, integration and workflow. Concurrently the system was upgraded to Forms version 12.

The project was handled remotely via a development system at the SoftBASE hosting center accessible to Pennant staff for testing and QA. In excess of 1400 forms were upgraded, some with complex embedded code and all completed within the agreed time-frame of 90 days.

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