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Oracle APEX and SoftBASE MasterApp

Oracle APEX and SoftBASE MasterApp are not only for small business applications. It can also bring a lot of value as an enterprise solution for manufacturing companies.

The SoftBASE customer Aluline is a very good example…...

Aluline is a knowledge based and strategic outsourcing partner with specialties in high technological and complex production. Key competences are primarily within engineering, process, innovation and processing of aluminum. Aluline produce total solutions and single components, including design, construction, product and production maturation. Development of production methods, assembly and quality assurance of customer specific products.

Aluline sells products to telecommunications-, electronic-, audio-, medico-, defense- and the automotive industry to a long list of well known industrial companies around the globe.

Aluline employees approximately 100 highly skilled craftsmen.

When Aluline was looking for a new business solution it was important that the defined requirements were met, but also that the software provider understood the challenges in the production industry and was able to transform them into a suitable and sustainable solution. Now 25 years later we are still a happy and satisfied customer of SoftBASE.

When the first business solution was developed and implemented at Aluline it was based on Oracle Forms 4.5 and Oracle RDBMS 5.0. Today the solution has been upgraded and further developed and is now running on Oracle APEX in the Cloud.

There is a reason why we have been a SoftBASE customer for 25 years. The positive and professional attitude together with an exceptional good support are the main factors, but also the deep knowledge of Oracle and APEX has helped us a lot in moving our company and IT-systems forward.


We have worked with SoftBASE for more than 20 years and I must say that we have had outstanding support from the SoftBASE team. It shows that customer support is prioritized and that they really care about their customers. We can give them our best recommendations regarding business solutions and development in APEX and Oracle.

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