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Migrating your Microsoft Office 365 to Google G-Suite

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Do you have a Microsoft Office installation and want to try something else?

Why not move it to G-Suite from Google quick and easy?

In the SoftBASE Migration Factory we migrate different applications and moving a Microsoft Office installation to Google G-suite is just one of them. It is so easy. You just deliver your Office installation (PowerPoint, Word documents, Excel sheets, etc.) to us, we run it through our highly automated Migration Factory and deliver a finished, tested and cloud-ready to use G-suite applications back to you. Of course to fix time and price.

And yes, we do it both in the Cloud and on Premise.

If you want to try it then contact us and we can agree on a POC of your choice and we will run a small test for you in order for you to see the end result. Easy isn’t it? #G-suite #migration #microsoft #cloud #Google

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