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Executive dashboards

Gain control of your day-to-day work and align business goals across your entire organization. Let SoftBASE build powerful dashboards that can help you visualize data that brings value to your business.

Boost your employees motivation to perform better by displaying the most relevant KPIs and progress across locations. The options are endless to give you and your employees the best overview of their performance.

​Get the perfect overview of your KPI's, balanced score cards, economic performance, etc. through a individual executive dashboard

Obtaining a complete, accurate picture across the organization, or even within a department is often very challenging. Data is held in numerous systems, existing reports are limited and don't always provide the required detail to make informed business decisions, it is hard to limit who can see what and avoid data breaches, and running the canned reports can take hours. Utilizing APEX and SoftBASE MasterApp it's extensive reporting and data visualization capabilities makes developing appropriate dashboards for various user communities far simpler.

Coalesce Data

The first step to being able to correctly report across an organization is to load the numerous disparate data sets into the database, or define RESTful Web Services that can be consumed by APEX and SoftBASE MasterApp.

Comprehensive dashboards

APEX and SoftBASE MasterApp includes Interactive dashboards and reports and that allow for extensive data manipulation by end users, so they can readily change how the data is displayed to meet their specific requirements. This includes column selection and ordering, filtering, sorting, computations, aggregates, and even the ability to pivot data. End users can even their reports for just themselves or for everyone to see.

Fine Grained Security

Data can be constrained or even redacted so different groups of users can only see the appropriate data.


Data operations are performed directly in Oracle Database, rather than moving large quantities of data to a middle tier and then performing data manipulation. Oracle Database also includes numerous ad-hoc data analysis functions which can be utilized within an Oracle APEX application.

The process

The first step we need to do is to connect your data sources from your different applications to the dashboard. We use REST API¨s to integrate real-time on our dashboards to the most popular ERP, support and other business applications.

After the connection is established we build the dashboards together with you in order to secure a transparent overview of your business transactions. You can of course use your own KPI's by using formulas to calculate more advanced metrics.

After the dashboards are accepted by you you can start measuring business critical data in your organization and boost team performance. You can also share real-time insights with your team and monitor performance by visualizing data on dashboards.

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