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Enterprise System Extensions with Oracle APEX

Integrate your ERP System(s) with Oracle APEX

We are sure that after a successful implementation of your ERP system and after having spent a lot on ERP software, such as Oracle e-Business Suite, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, etc. that you are happy and ready to move ahead. But maybe there are some corners in your application that are not covered and that could be beneficial for you to have.

Based on over 30 years of ERP experience from more than 100 international projects we can develop the extension through a proven and standardised methodology delivered with a well documented and tested application.

SoftBASE has through the years proven again and again that we have outstanding customer service and that we do stop until the work is done.

Interactive Reporting

Allow end users to readily manipulate the data so they can meet their reporting needs. This includes column selection and ordering, filtering, sorting, computations, aggregates, and even the ability to pivot data. End users can even save their reports for just themselves or for everyone to see.

Streamline Processes

Develop an extension which delivers a simplified business process consisting of fewer steps. Importantly the extension retrieves the necessary data from the ERP system and then sends the completed work products back into the ERP system.

Bespoke Development

Meet company or industry specific requirements by building bespoke applications. Such apps should utilize the appropriate ERP data, but may well have local database objects to store additional data not available in the ERP system.

Tight Integration

APEX can be used to include data from disparate systems, not just data from your ERP, to build better dashboards and reports, or more complex business flows. Such data can be obtained utilizing REST Web Services, or from linking to another database to extract and/or post data.

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