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CNP Entertainment using SoftBASE and APEX

How an APEX solution form SoftBASE helped CNP

Company: CNP Entertainment

Person: Phil Scheck

Title: Director of Sales

Address: Fürtistrasse 11, 8832 Wollerau, Switzerland

CNP Entertainment is the oldest and leading erotic shop in Switzerland with 8 subsidiaries and Show-Rooms and modern Online-Shops. We have more than 70 employees and was the first company of its kind in Switzerland.

We were in 2010 looking for standard software that could help us be more efficient and precise in delivery of goods to our stores and at the same time be able to integrate to our website, as well as our POS systems. In that process we were contacted by the Danish company SoftBASE who could offer us not only an ERP-solution that was matching our requirements but also direct integration to our website and of course POS. The solution gave us a full overview of products and stock, as well as an automated purchasing process. For CNP it was a true competitive solution that reduced our effort and costs dramatically.

SoftBASE provides the solution through the cloud, and as a result we need no IT personnel or resources in house.

The system provides - through an APEX solution - a real time BI solution and a mobile revenue portal that provides real time information on stores and webshop.

It has been a great pleasure to work with SoftBASE as they have shown ability to understand our challenges very quickly and convert them into useful functions and integrations in our APEX system. The support from SoftBASE both in the implementation phase and after going live was second-to-none.

In the future cooperation with SoftBASE we want to develop our loyalty program further and development of functionality in our online shops, including OMNI functions.


Working with SoftBASE for the last 10 years has been outstanding and in particular the support. It was clear to us that SoftBASE has a great knowledge regarding business systems, APEX, Oracle and integration with websites. On top of that SoftBASE is very easy to do business with and I can only give them the best recommendations moving forward.

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