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We perform all kinds of upgrades to the latest supported release. We have over the years developed a truly unique method to upgrade older versions of applications to an up-to-date version. We perform upgrades as pure upgrades or value upgrades. Our upgrades are done through our Migration Factory, done Remotely and to a fixed price and time. 

Lately, we have had deliveries of integrations, upgrades, and modernizations from our Migration Factory without any on-site consulting (Covid-19) – all handled via a shared development resource setup. This setup acts as an extension of the customer’s development environment. The simultaneous access to the code – combined with Web-meetings – provides agility and efficiency. 


Database Upgrades

We perform different database upgrades from earlier none DB's to the latest CDB version. This will make it easy for you to maintain the database moving forward. We also do lift & shift to Cloud based databases, both PaaS and Database Instances in the Cloud.


Organizations, even with professional DBA's do not do database upgrades on a daily basis. We do. This gives us the routine and expertise to secure a safe path for your organization in the upgrade process.


Oracle Forms Pure Upgrade

The Pure-upgrade from one version to the latest version is automated and keeps the original source code without any extensions to the User Interface. The system owner will benefit from a supported stack, for further development, less or no client administration, as no client installation or configuration is needed for the Forms Standalone Launcher, faster Software, and less network impact. Users will benefit from automated scaling of the client according to the screen resolution, on Windows clients. More parameters for coloring and a generally smoother GUI. 


Oracle Forms Value upgrade

With value upgrade, your forms application - as a part of the upgrade process - will be improved in UI (User Interface), UX (User experience), productivity components, and integration components. As with pure upgrade, the original source code is kept, without changes. All Value upgrade components are built using Native Forms Components. This secures that your application remains compatible with announced future releases and upgrades from Oracle. All Reports will be upgraded automatically and tested.


Other upgrades

We also perform a number of other upgrades of databases and applications. Contact us for further information on how we can help you upgrade your application.

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