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Analysing Data

Spreadsheet replacement


Replace spreadsheets used for business critical functions - A disaster waiting to happen!

From a Spreadsheet to Web app in Minutes

Use the wizard and just a few clicks to transform your spreadsheet into a fully-populated table in Oracle Database, complete with a fully functioning app with a report and form for maintaining the data.

Single Source of Truth

Instead of having any number of spreadsheets floating around, users log into APEX to access a single centralized app where everyone maintains the data, and everyone always sees the same data.

Advanced Security

Spreadsheets generally lack authentication and auditing capabilities.

APEX apps can utilize SSO, LDAP, or Social Login and can readily

incorporate audit tracking. The Oracle Database, where the data

resides, is generally professionally backed up by DBA's.

Fully Relational

Implementing master-detail type relationships in spreadsheets is

exceedingly hard, so most spreadsheets are flat making it hard to

properly analyze the data. APEX runs on top of the fully-relational

Oracle Database where implementing referential integrity is trivial.

Furthermore, APEX allows you to declaratively define master-detail

pages with ease.

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