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Our passion is to help small companies

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We are looking for
more individuals
who would like to
build a lucrative
business around our
online accounting
system BizzPath.

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Online Accounting System

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Our Services

We are passioned about helping you and your business improve, and deliver a second-to-none quality online software and accounting product.


BizzPath is an online accounting software solution for small companies and contains bookkeeping, inventory, sales/purchase, bills, dashboards and much more.


Try it for free at


What Our Clients Say

Helga has her own business teaching dressage of horses and buying and selling them as well. She has both companies and private persons as customers and was looking for a very flexible online accounting system that could solve her daily challenges and could run on both tablets, mobile phones and a normal laptop. Furthermore it was important to her that she could start using it immediately without training.


Helga says:

I was a bit sceptical by choosing the free version of BizzPath but colleagues convinced me to try it out. It took me about 1 hour to understand BizzPath and after that I was ready to create my customers and vendors and start to send invoices. It is a very intuitive user interface with a nice help system. All in all a great user experience.


Philip is a freelancer and doing a lot of different jobs but mainly teaching. He has been using BizzPath for a long period of time and is primarily using Invoicing and Bookkeeping,


Philip says:

BizzPath was a great help for me in my daily life. I do not have to think about bookkeeping, reports to public authorities or if my invoices have been paid. BizzPath takes care of all of this which means I can focus and concentrate on my customers and deliver a good service.I am not the biggest fan of IT so the simplicity and ease of use in BizzPath made me choose it.

Jeanne is a freelance bookkeeper helping small companies with bookkeeping, invoicing, etc. and has been in business for several years. She has a deep knowledge of accounting in general and especially accounting systems.


Jeanne was looking for a new online accounting system and had a look at different systems but was not quite satisfied. She got a recommendation from a friend to have a look at BizzPath and chose the free version to test it out. After one month she was convinced about the functionality and easy to use of the system and chose the paying version with more functionality.


Jeanne says:

I am really surprised about the simple and easy to use functionality in BizzPath and after just a few moments I was actually ready to use BizzPath without any education. I can highly recommend BizzPath for small companies.

Our Team

Based on more than 25 years in the international SMB market we are happy to provide and help you optimizing your business through BizzPath.


Need more details? Contact us

We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, chat, email or via our social media channels.

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