Logistics / ERP

We deliver our service on SaaS terms from a combination of Private cloud and Public clouds. The Private cloud contains the Logistics / ERP system and customer specific applications. This cloud also handles Apps, which are closely related to the company’s ERP; like employee time recording.

-> Version 12 with 7 major benefits

Through the Portal and Single-Sign-On / Off, users can connect to both Private cloud functions and to related services from Public clouds.

Oracle Forms & APEX

Any Forms and Report based systems can apply our toolsets to fit-in and co-exist with newer tools – and be extended with APEX MasterApp for enterprise level deployment of responsive Apps – and lately also including reporting with PLPDF and setup with Open Source tools.

Forms-APEX workflow

A unique toolset for integration that eliminates the issue about migration – as any mix of FORMS-based and APEX-based programs will provide a unified workflow to the users.

Forms-APEX Workflow is a ready-made APEX application and library for Forms. The toolset allows Forms based legacy systems to be extended and integrated with APEX – without changing a single line of code. The added value is the seamless integration between the browser-less Forms application (FSAL) and the browser-based web application in APEX.

APEX MasterApp

Adds the extra’s required for enterprise deployment – adds productivity to  the APEX development.

**Available as freeware**

Ist APEX Oracle’s neuer Weg für Businessanwendungen nach Forms/Reports

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DOAG 2018

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Upgrade of defense Legacy systems

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DOAG for the 4th time

** Visit us at stand no. 126 **  

DOAG 2017 – the major Oracle event in EU

The 30th edition of DOAG Conference + Exhibition will be held November 21st – 24th  in Nuremberg. Participants will have the opportunity to attend a three-day lecture […]