Logistics / ERP on SaaS terms

We deliver our service on SaaS terms from a combination of Private cloud and Public clouds. The Private cloud contains the Logistics / ERP system and customer specific applications. This cloud also handles Apps, which are closely related to the company’s ERP; like employee time recording.

-> Version 12 with 7 major benefits

Through the Portal and Single-Sign-On / Off, users can connect to both Private cloud functions and to related services from Public clouds.

Oracle Technology

From millennium and onwards we have worked with Oracle tools like Forms and Reports, Application Express (APEX) – and lately also including Open Source tools.


For large and complex legacy systems it’s important to secure safe evolution, allow present and future tools to co-exist and allow workflows across tools.


We offer toolsets that will allow Forms and Report based systems to fit-in and co-exist with newer tools – and APEX templates for enterprise level deployment of responsive Apps.


The co-existence approach also relates to clouds, that our Single-Sign-On / Off facilitates integration of Private and Public cloud(s). Further we offer scripts for test / production setup of Forms, Reports, ORDS and APEX on OEL7.

Learn more – go to page Oracle Forms & APEX


On November 22nd  to 24th  DOAG (Deutsche Oracle Anwender Group) holds its annual conference and exhibition.

Softbase participates again with both representation – meet us at stand 126 – all tools for Forms and APEX.

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DOAG for the 4th time

** Visit us at stand no. 126 **  

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