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We are focusing mainly on migrations from one platform to another. Through our Migration Factory, we can help transfer your application and database to the Cloud, migrate your Excel, Oracle Forms to APEX, perform high-quality APEX development, and more.


What Our Clients Say

Our Team

Based on more than 25 years in the market we have some of the top consultants in the industry.


Rene Schow Jørgensen, CEO

Aluline A/S

"We have worked with SoftBASE for more than 20 years and I must say that we have had outstanding support from the SoftBASE team. It shows that customer support is prioritized and that they really care about their customers."

Chris Mair, General Manager

Pennant International Ltd Fareham

"The OmegaPS LSAR Software suite is an Internationally recognized industry strength Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) application. The project was handled remotely via a development system at the SoftBASE hosting centre accessible to Pennant staff for testing and QA. In excess of 1400 forms were upgraded, some with complex embedded code and all completed within the agreed time-frame of 90 days."

Vinay Kumar Jha, Group IT Manager, Bridon-Bekaert

"SoftBASE helped us migrate Oracle Forms to a newer version and moved it from a Windows server to a Linux server. At the same time our reports were migrated as well. This is the initial step before moving to the Cloud. We have been extremely satisfied with the outstanding know-how and methodology from SoftBASE in this project and we give SoftBASE the best recommendations."  

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