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November 21, 2016
Forms & Reports hosting – also On-premise
June 16, 2017
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What do your users really do?

– free tool for Oracle Forms based systems.
The tool tracks all calls to Oracle Forms at Database-level and will function for any version of Forms from 6i to version 12. For decisions like version upgrades,  UI-improvements and workflow support – the tool, tentatively named FormsClicky, will reflect actual user behavior and generate valuable statistics.
Why FormsClicky?  Simply inspired by systems for recording and analytics for Websites – tracking and reflecting user behaviour.
For a Legacy system with several hundreds of Forms and several hundreds of users, FormsClicky will provide overview; i.e. how users interact with Forms about frequency, about sequence etc. – may even check IAM-compliance (Identity & Access Management). Development effort can be more precisely related to actual user-efficiency.
Version 1.0 (available now)  provides all the overview, and version 2.0 will add functions for  aggregated info like guidance for tuning and workflows. Technically the tool has 4 components. a) SQL-script for logging  b) SQL-script for generation of data-tables  c) script for upload to APEX  – and d) documentation.
FormsClicky works from SmartPhone, Tablet and PC.
Request a free license here = FormsClicky license