The Fashion industry has long been a domain for industry-specific- systems, in line with the Timber, Transport etc., but the alternative may be a comprehensive Logistic / ERP system in the cloud(s), which has both the specific functionality of the Fashion trade and production and benefits from the new technology. The offer summed up:

  • Space in the Public cloud for photos, videos and documents
  • Support for season / dessin / color / size – across processes
  • ERP-classic for Finance, Logistic and Production.

General access

The Single-Sign-On / Off grant access to both the Private and the Public cloud – i.e. all relevant information. External users like dealers may – without extra cost – also access relevant information. A “Salesman App” is available for taking orders at trade shows.

Classic Fashion functions

All functions are built around season / dessin / color / size – implemented throughout the complete process chain: design -> Collection -> Pre-order -> Supplementary Order. In addition, generic properties, like printing, stitching, photographs, documentation, washing instructions, compositions and more. Automatic aggregation of preorder per season for purchasing and production – as well as the calculation of inventories and demand per dessin, singles and boxes.

Key Performance Indicators

Reporting on KPI’s per season, design, customers, markets, channels, as well as combinations thereof as required, provided via the integrated Controlling module.

Special functionality

Pricing per dessin, range (box), singles, customers, markets, channels and more – and costing info for Retail, Wholesale. FOB prices, including various duties, freight, additional fees, etc.

Replenishment to consignments is handled automatically, likewise the subsequent invoicing. Managing multiple warehouses, bonded warehouses and consignments. Shipments handled together with associated freight companies, individually per customer, channel, or market. Transportation costs are automatically calculated and added to the invoice.