SaaS Terms

We aim to simplify terms; as easy as buying electricity – and to communicate this clearly.

Saas fee

The main principle is one fee per concurrent ERP-user, named CU.

Similar to the optional Google bundle with only one fee per Apps user.

The ERP-fee includes the comprehensive integration with Google Apps.

The number of Apps users will most likely reflect the number of PC’s.

Release & Integration

SaaS is dynamic, with frequent updates. These incremental improvements just appear a Monday morning updates and rarely affects users (warnings are of course mailed in advance).


Start up

At the central hosting centre, a virtual image for a new customer can be available within few days – i.e. instant infrastructure. Further  the system is prepackaged for a specific Industry. This allows “instant” start up. Softbase provides activity lists for each phase; guiding the staff.


The internet offers superior tools. Our remote support feels like having the consultant sitting next to you. He or she is only a phone call away; will arrive nearly instantly and may leave again after a few minutes. Efficient and low cost.


A SaaS customer shall not make long-term commitments – whereas we commit ourselves to maintain service. There will be one agreement for ERP incl. hosting and all integration – and one optional agreement for Google Apps; Google’s standard terms.

Our SaaS fee is adjusted annually for increase / decrease of volume. The day-to-day operation is not restricted with a ceiling for number of users or maximum storage space.