Start up

SaaS start up is easy for both the DATA (ERP) and for INFO, like documents, drawings, spreadsheets and all emails. Free transfer tools are available.

There are templates for the transfer of master data / open transaction data.

The existing product-, customer-, supplier data etc. can be exported to spreadsheets and uploaded  automatically to the new format. This also applies to open transaction data – like orders and payments.

We maintain history

All relevant old transaction data may be “printed” to pdf-documents – like orders several years back and  account statements for perhaps 5 years.  The search engines can retrieve such pdf-documents.

No adjustments – nearly!

It may sound like utopia, but it is possible. A vast ERP-frame is available and each customer selects his subset of programs. Necessary adjustments relate to external documents like invoices, statements etc.

New interfaces?

Loose coupled interfaces are provided for most banking systems, many payroll services – for CAD etc. The standard Interface module facilitates development of new interfaces and ensure validated input from other systems.

New business processes

For new business processes, consulting assistance could make a difference. Especially to understand “web-2” and to get the benefits derived from the integration between Google Apps and the ERP.

The start up

The customers may have their own IT-skills, or they may choose to have assistance to startup from Softbase and partners. It is recommended initially to focus on all the known processes. Then the internal skills will contribute to a fast start up – and only a few consulting hours for training will be required.

Activity lists are available for setup of ERP-system,  mail-server and document-server.