Our cloud-design applies several methods in order to obtain privacy, efficiency and safety – we take this to a level beyond the capability of most companies.

Security for support

Support is available from Softbase in Copenhagen – and from local consultants, as agreed with the customer. Support staff has tools for remote support available (like TeamViewer).

A Source Deposit Agreement is available and the source is readable for IT-staff with general database and SQL-knowledge. A customer can therefore in case of default by the initial vendor choose a new support vendor.

Security for Evolution

Over time the customer can expect to get enhanced IT-functionality to existing business processes, referred to as Release service – a classic fee-based service. Roadmaps outline our planning, available in the download section.

It is unique that all functionality is directly available to the customer, i.e. if new business processes require new IT-support, it is likely that such functionality already exist and can be added to the customer menu.

For data and hosting

The hosting center applies a 2-level backup system – and via backup-3 (BU3) the customer can also have a copy of its ERP data downloaded to its Local Area Network. This opens an option for relocating the operation to another hosting center; reducing potential interruption to a single working day. In practise as follows:

  • The LAN setup may include an import of BU3 to a local Oracle database; hereafter it’s possible directly to look into all ERP-data.
  • A copy of the virtual image at the hosting center may be deposited with the customer; stored at local server.

This is possible because each customer has its own virtual image with a complete system within a standard Linux/Oracle environment.

For special situations even an On-Premise Setup can be offered. A copy of the standard Softbase virtual image setup will be delivered and maintained on the customer server.