Release & Integration

Our SaaS┬áconcept with the comprehensive bundle fee – all programs can be activated anytime – offers the customers an option for immediate IT-support to changed or new business processes. That’s the flexibility aspect.

The Release & Integration Service aims to provide a very dynamic service, insuring that the flexibility continues and incorporates IT-support for new methods.


Release service is a classic service, providing updates with 1-2 year interval – for a specific software license. Typically with an annual fee amounting to 15 – 22 % of the initial license value.

Customers frequently postpone such updates due to extra costs and potential inconveniences. All due to the fact that the customer – being his own IT-contractor – needs to coordinate one software update with other software updates and the general IT-infrastructure.

The dynamic environment

Business processes change and the technology is on a fast development track.

Oracle updates the technology, Google updates the Apps services – and Softbase updates the ERP-functionality.

Furthermore new cloud-based services become relevant for our customers and will be added to the user portal – and even integrated with existing services.

Upgrade and Integration

The SaaS / Cloud service is updated frequently; and ideally transparent to the customers concerning all server-side components.

An early warning will be given to customers with specific program add-ons and integrations beyond the standard server components, allowing necessary change to be prepared for the update deadline.

An server-side update – new combination of components – is tested at the hosting center before sequential customer updates are executed, all controlled by tested scripts.

System integration for proff’s only!

Many companies have experienced that even a minor – innocent – update may disrupt major services. Completely logical as most components are developed / updated without complete compatibility with components applied in the customer IT-infrastructure. Further many combinations of components won’t function together – an attractive update of one component may have to wait until other components become compatible.