Public cloud

Public clouds have many and various functions, therefore there is a need to apply several clouds. The most important direct functions are: a) “office” b) mail c) document storage and sharing, and finally d) search.

These clouds can be accessed from any device, SmartPhones, Tablets and PCs. They can store many different document-formats and translate to almost all languages. It is a unique resource, just waiting to be explored by Business. Both direct service as well as service derived from integration with Private cloud.

Google Drive

Google Drive is our primary Public cloud, due to the variety of document formats and the search efficiency. Not just megadata /  titles, but also the content.

Also analog documents can be uploaded, OCR read and indexed, and then available for search. Even images and sound can be searched.

A company can from its ERP system export/upload e.g. pdf documents into this cloud and hereafter retrieve the document just by browsing the content from “any device”.


Google has its own format for text, spreadsheets and presentations, simpler than Microsoft Office, but quite effective, especially when several persons simultaneously work on the same document – with many revisions.

In addition, documents can be stored and edited in Office Compatibility Mode.


The term Webmail indicates that everything is done via the browser in the cloud – and not as a client on the user’s own PC.

This allows an email dialogue to be transferred to a document system, where audits are managed and also external users may be invited to participate.

Microsoft OneDrive

In parallel to Google’s dominance of “search” we have the Microsoft dominance of “office”. Therefore, it is appropriate to access the original Office – as a service from Microsoft OneDrive, called Office 365.


This “bookseller” also operates large IT-factories, available as a platform for Private clouds – or as backup location. An efficient service is provided by Backupnify, they simply transfer all change from Google Drive for storage at amazon – not primarily because Google Drive is uncertain, more as a hedge against errors made by company users.