Private cloud

Private cloud contains the company’s ERP system and Apps that communicate directly with ERP data and potential webshop, that need to be directly coupled to ERP.

Linking of data and info

The ERP system contains  formatted data, stored in tables – and the Public cloud contains all documents, emails and calendar info. Here comes the significant new:  that ERP links to documents, acts as a sort of Thesaurus – table of content to the information.

Data are organized in hierarchies with automatic inheritance, and from all levels links to relevant emails and documents may be set.

By right-clicking from anywhere in the ERP, direct links to all related and relevant info are listed. Info like specifications, agreements and mails – often referred to as 360-view. The complete view, which ensures that all employees can act correctly upon the same updated information.

Document upload / search

It is standard that ERP systems send invoices and similar documents to both print and mail. Our ERP allows all document / report output to be uploaded to the private space in the Public cloud. The standard is pdf  – scanned and indexed – and everything is ready to search with Google power.

External users can be granted access to relevant documents like invoices, and step by step you can build, for example, a customer info-center with both financial and sales information.

Over time this information-hub may be enhanced and your external contacts may start to post info / documents to you via this hub – typically info that now arrives as attachment to email.

Apps for self-service

Self-service for employees like “time recording”, “expense claims” – and for salesmen and regular customers product search and order bookings may be relevant. We have standards for development of cross-device Apps, customer versions can be delivered from this toolkit.

WebShop interfacing.

ERP and E-commerce can be closely integrated; Interfaces as Web-services are available for several system, for example for Magento.

Mobile devices

Android (Google), IOS (Apple) and WIN-based devices with displays ranging from 5″ of  7″ to 10″ and some up to 12″. From any of these devices our Self-service Apps will function – and similar for access to all info in the Public Cloud.  Your company can accommodate employees’ desire to choose the type of Smartphone and Tablet – Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD).

The technology behind is a mix of a portal tools from Oracle and jQuery Mobile, a tool from the shareware world that generates HTML-5 and therefore works on most families of mobile devices. Also support for split screen, cascading screens a responsive design.