Our support

Cloud computing also means internet based training and support, a method where we can “move” into your office – even though our instructor / supporter is sitting in his own office. Such methods have been known for many years; but has now matured to the extend that:

  • the user can follow the instructor’s pointer on his screen
  • the user can also see the instructor and they can talk together
  • user can also let the instructor take over his/her screen

The latter situation naturally requires a specific consent from the user.

The technology opens up for ad hoc instruction and support – sessions down to 15 minutes for a specific topic now make sense.  Similarly, it becomes likely that more complex support tasks can be resolved quickly – example; we can easily assign a task to a specialist at another location.

It all adds up to the Cloud Computing paradigm  –  more productivity and lower cost.

We have chosen to apply  TeamViewer