SaaS Concept

The the large IT-factories – popularly known as clouds – is crucial for the development of a radically different kind of IT-support to businesses. Company specific systems will continue, often hosted in Private clouds, but major new productivity is created by Public clouds.

  • Personal productivity, “office”
  • Storage for mail, images, documents and data
  • Sharing of info, internal and external

We integrate services from Public clouds with the company’s Private cloud. The design applies components from the Internet, some components from Oracle and a high-level ERP system, all fit for the clouds. Adding SaaS terms to the technology, we have produced a comprehensive fee-based service that mirrors web-economy.

It is a paradigm shift and overall a significant mental change. Economists use the term disruptive innovation, because there is a disruption of previous step-by-step development.

Web-office is already widespread. The next phase may be the sharing of information internally and externally and linking documents with data such as orders in the ERP. Ultimately, all have access to relevant information / data from Tablets, SmartPhones – and PCs.

Possible phases

  • Office functions in the clouds
  • Documents shared  internally – and externally
  • New cloud ERP, linking data and info
  • Public cloud as center for communication

Benefits are

  • Productivity increase for employees
  • Closer to customers and suppliers;
  • Lower IT-costs and simpler agreements