Oracle Forms & APEX

Upgrade, modernize and add productivity

to your Forms-based legacy system

APEX 18.1 Master for enterprise deployment

– for Application administration and development

Forms Pure-upgrade

The Pure-upgrade from version 10 / 11 to version is automated and maintain the original source code without any change to the User Interface –  and the users will benefit from:

  • the usage of CLIENTDPI as a runtime parameter
  • option to apply custom color schemes.
  • no JRE, using javaws or FSAL (recommended)

This upgrade is included in our Forms Value-upgrade, with the UI, look & feel modernization. The upgrade from version 6i is partly manual, follows the steps as documented in the manual  ”Upgrading Oracle Forms6i to Oracle Forms 12c”.

Administration for applications

… users and groups and modules (more application grouped together), dynamic menu definition per module, automatically passing values, behaving like one App. Authorization for users and groups. Dynamic theme per unit, like firm identity or department. Per role at run-time; default values, designer on items (hidden, read only, required). See details

Development template

… derived from the APEX Application builder. The template provides all applications with features like; modularisation, authorization for modules (more apps), user administration (all apps), user groups and much more. Furthermore page processes with menues and navigation bars. All native in Universal theme. See details

**Download of APEX MasterApp**

For APEX related projects the customer (the enduser) can  download the MasterApp as Freeware to their own environment and get a kick start to the development of both new Apps and Apps derived from Forms. A bundle update / support service is available.

Forms Value-upgrade

All GUI, look & feel, components are built using Native Forms Components. This secures that your legacy application remains compatible with announced future releases and upgrades from Oracle.

Consenting with the general GUI’s in a Web 2.0 environment and fit for large screens, High Definition – and zoom level set per user.

Further several productivity components are added, mainly in order to improve workflow navigation and the first step towards integration to APEX.

Forms-APEX workflow

Basic linking from any Forms page to APEX plus integration, data from Forms are automatically transferred to APEX and opens up for APEX-based reporting. Knowing that Oracle Reports not will be developed any further, it makes sense to start migration. Gradual transfer of BI-like analysis / reports to APEX will do most of the job – leaving pdf-type reports to be migrated to another new tool.

This integration is available directly for Forms version 12c – just after the Forms Pure-upgrade, or as an addon for the Forms Value-upgrade.

Forms development

For Forms related projects a shared development resource is setup at the Softbase hosting center. This setup acts as an extension / outsourcing and the customer’s development environment. The simultaneous access to the code – combined with online web meetings – provides agility and efficiency.

PLPDF print

Create PDF, DOCX and XLSX documents and reports from your Oracle database – with the full PL/SQL support and MS Word template engine.

Reporting concept

Migration of Oracle Report

Development communities

Related to the large User-group organizations, there are active communities for the major tools, like Database, Forms and Reports, APEX etc. We participate here to check trends with colleagues and end-users.

Production setup

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