Mobile design

Mobile devices will often complement existing functionality, providing extra info and IT-support  in off-PC situations. Extra info like capture of image, time and location – and support without PC / missing internet connection.

The prime mobile device is the SmartPhone with a 5” screen, camera, GPS etc. Combining capabilities like image capture  + +  and added data-entry; this also opens up for all new functionality.

Due to screensize, simple keyboard – and perhaps lack of user training, such mobile Apps shall aim for limited, very clear functionality. Of course a sequence of such Apps will provide more comprehensive functionality – but the design will always be different from an existing PC-Form design. The latter with many functions in one large Form and with 30″ plus screen available.

We have chosen to apply APEX for several reasons,  a)  it is an Oracle product and part of the Database – i.e. no new license is required  and b)  there is a large community and  c)  a packaged Apps market is growing. Further there is support from Open Source / Shareware, like the jQuery functionality for general mobile distribution.

Softbase therefore recommend modernization of the existing Forms, the FORMS-Value upgrade toolset, and next selective mobilization within the common APEX frame. The mobile Apps will reuse existing source code – adapted to the chosen toolset and responsive design.

This will enhance the user experience and financially make sense; only marginal extra cost for the added mobile support and no risk for disruptions due to the reuse of existing tested source code.


Complementing Value

We offer a checklist assisting management with identification of potential Apps, mainly Apps complementing the ERP system. Such Apps must provide real extra value.

Design process

  1. Compare potential mobile Apps with examples from the market, all technologies
  2. Adapt the selected functions with the standard tool-box with themes/stylesheets
  3. Reuse Forms source code for all logic, applying RESTul web services