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Our SaaS let you span the globe with its comprehensive international capability. The kernel is the Oracle UNICODE database, which can handle different character sets. Softbase has installations spread across Europe, the Near East, and Japan, all working in harmony and with the highest efficiency.

Language Function allows you to switch to any language with a few clicks of the mouse. It’s not necessary to rewrite code to change the language of screen or report texts or button texts etc.

Furthermore, languages can be assigned to individual customers and vendors.
Languages can be chosen on three levels in a matter of seconds for individuals, work groups and entire enterprises.

Currency Function assures that you have all of your currency conversion rates under control. It lets you track the exchange rate for any currency and use the results in real time for viewing, calculating, or printing invoices, sales orders, purchase orders, price calculation, price lists, discounts, contracts, employee hourly rates, international VAT, customs charges and controlling reports.

Uneven amounts will be rounded.

VAT Function allows unlimited number of VAT rates, domestic and foreign. It is also possible to specify whether a price is inclusive or exclusive of the VAT rate.

Customs Function using country, valid date and percent of the goods’ value to be paid. You can also define “unofficial” duties that might be customary to pay when dealing with certain customs departments.