Hosting center

Our design for hosting can be cloned for setup at any hosting center – even  On-premise – offering our customers a free choice (VM slot required).

For our own SaaS we work on a component basis – renting physical facilities from the Hosting center, but designing and handling the software setup ourselves.



The Hosting center delivers:

  • Building divided into sub building units for Co-location
  • Severe access control with password and eye scan lock
  • High capacity connection to the internet connectivity
  • Server rack cabinets for customer firewall and servers

Softbase provides the design +

  • The physical hardware and the operational software
  • Firewall, Cisco, and monitoring of servers and traffic
  • Setup of Customer VPN-connection via open Internet

The servers are organized applying Virtual technology (VM-images) – i.e. each customer has his own dedicated capacity and his own copy of the application software.

The “server” will function as an extended part of the customer LAN and specific devices can be directly addressed; physical distance is the only difference. The VM-image method also allows customer specific programs.

Template for On-premise setup: derived from our hosting setup, we can deliver a complete Template to be installed on your OVM-base, with Forms, Reports, ORDS (APEX). Provisioning via Tomcat and Apache.

Just load the Template, run a script for IP and Hostname and have a ready system. With all configuration done, including Forms paths to a cluster file system.