Forms Value-upgrade

About adding value

We add value via modernization of look & feel – combined with upgrade from version 10/11 to Forms ver. 12.x – and hereafter productivity addons like screen reporting, Integration components and workflow navigation.

All are built using Native Forms Components – no Pluggable Java Components. This secures that your legacy application stays compatible with future releases.

Oracle continues to develop Forms, regarding GUI features, client deployment, OS and integration.

News from DOAG 2017

GUI – look & feel

Look & feel derived from APEX, consenting with the general GUI’s in a Web 2.0 environment and fit for large screens, High Definition – and zoom level set per user. Inclusive latest Forms upgrade (ver. 12).

Screen reporting

Writing to comma separated files and HTML files.

Integration components

Five productivity components for:

Host command, Web command, Gdrive link, APEX integration, Form to Form.

Workflow navigation

Role based functionality for workflow, dynamic menus, dynamic layout and Context guided data entry (all optional).

Start with our Analysis tool, FormsClicky, and learn how your legacy application and users interact.