Forms & APEX Factory

Lately we have had deliveries of integrations, upgrades and modernizations from our Forms & APEX Factory without any on-site consulting – all handled via a shared development resource setup at the Oracle cloud (or Softbase hosting center). This setup acts as an extension of the customer’s development environment. The simultaneous access to the code – combined with SKYPE-meetings – provides agility and efficiency.

Procedures and processes

Analysis agreement incl. nondisclosure agreement regarding source – all as a mutual safeguard.

Source upload to shared cloud, access for customer-IT and Softbase team via VPN.

Analysis to identify potential non-standard Oracle and / or special footprints from development by different teams over long time – may impact Pure-upgrade and Value-upgrade regarding UI consistency.

SB commitment to implement a Pure-upgrade + Forms-APEX workflow on standard terms – and: if any work-a-rounds is relevant; the extra’s will be quantified – summed up to a fixed cost project.

Project types – sequence

A Pure-upgrade is a necessity in order to implement integrations to new tools, i.e. the latest version of Forms. A minor cost for upgrade from version 10+ to 12c.

The Forms-APEX workflow implementation can be handled direct with the upgraded source – and the system will thereafter be ready for adding APEX-based Apps.

Both existing APEX App’s and new developments will benefit from implementation of the APEX MasterApp – available as freeware to Forms customers.

The Forms Value-upgrade will provide a more modern UI, thereby giving the total Forms-APEX system a more unified UI. Available in 2 steps a) the technical part – and b) functional addons.


Pure means strict Oracle standard, as is ver.

Client java 8, 11, installed in LAN, not on PC.

FSAL, no JRE, also for development.

Automatic adaption to screen resolution, percentage on fonts.

Certified against database version, 18.3+,19.3+.

This process will by nature include a source quality review and thereby facilitate then implementation of the integration tools.

Forms-APEX workflow

We position this as a gateway to the future, a best-of-breed approach giving users the best from new an elder tool:

Technically a turnkey generic APEX application, providing a single total system re. access, navigation and security.

The bidirectional navigation allows a workflow between form-screens and APEX Apps – this extends to interaction with webpages for document handling, calendar, email, maps – link

Users may add migrated subsets of a form-screen to fit a mobile screen and develop new designs taking advantage of new client features.

The APEX MasterApp is available for handling a one-system approach for enterprise setup with many apps – link


Optional modernization of the Pure-upgraded Forms source – for UI-consistency and productivity:

Link to presentation of improved look and feel, see here

Screen reporting for productivity and ease of use, see here

Integration components, for coexistence and ease of use, see here

Navigation for productivity. Wizards, and personalized navigation, see here