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The MMS Base consists of a Multidimensional Financial support, which is maintained automatically. Whenever an activity is carried out, like movement (goods or other), timeusage, quality inspection, reservation, invoicing or any other activity, the financial impact is posted including all relevant dimensions, like project area, geography (area, district, town..), project, article, department, person and many more. This gives a unique ability to analyse combinations in a graphical and easy manner, for good decision support. A real Business Intelligence. This combined with a real accounting fulfilling all legislation, not only on company level, but also within departments, projects, products and more.

MMS is modern system implemented and supported in the cloud. Fast and stateful (connection kept), back office and home office screens, with fast and light data entry, combined with light front office functionalities directly to your browser or mobile, suypports your users in any situation to have data as needed and get the job done. Any data is combined with document storage, like pictures and reports as needed. The high level of detail in the functionality support the need of any organisation, within Retail Chains, Webshops and Omni, Manufacturing, Project, Maintainance and Sevice indistries.


The system is modulariesd with easy maintainance of authentication and authorisation.

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