Development & Hosting

Development services

The Forms-services are delivered via a hosted server for Forms version, based at the Softbase hosting-center. The server is connected to the customers LAN through a Site-Site VPN and acts as an extension/outsourcing of the customer’s development environment. This simultaneous access to the code – combined with on-line web meetings – provides agility and efficiency.

Hosting services

A Forms Value-upgrade customer may take advantage of our hosting experience, can free of charge have a copy ouf our automated setup scrips for production. The customer can choose any hosting center – or On-premise – VM slot is required.



We are less than 50ms away and will during upgrade-periods function as an extension to the customer’s IT-structure. Such a setup is provided for all upgrade projects and may even be maintained as an ongoing reference and ready for any type of Forms-related development.

Such shared environments are provided both WIN-based and Linux-based – and with Oracle software only or a mix with Open source components, like Tomcat, Jasper Reports etc.

The setup scripts are available for VM / Linux based setjup – as pure Oracle or a mixed environment with Open source components as illustrated by the figure above.

Link to hosting center