The Datamodel is the real foundation, shall represent business as is – and anticipate evolution, be adaptable.  The first phases call for architectural talent – whereas the following phases have the emphasis on professional craftsmanship.

This is often referred to as the IT-infrastructure for Datamodel / Database –  and Application map for Development Tools / Applications.

System Integration has a similar nature; to understand other systems, different designs – like the important Public clouds. We also have a Datamodel for cloud integration.

We are ERP-designers and System Integrators –  endeavors a 360-view for the IT-support to business processes. Our starting point is the Datamodel – i.e. company structure and main processes expressed as entities and relations.


Enhancement of the Datamodel

The process may start with customer input, a dialog or workshop on new business processes and related data. The output will be a preliminary conceptual Datamodel, reflecting the basic requirements.


The model may tend to be somewhat customer specific. A match up against Industry trends and competing software solutions will likely lead to adjustment.

Next comes the important match up against our application position map; will the enhancement strengthen our competitiveness for chosen segment of the market. Perhaps further enhancement should be considered.


In the second phase we describe the logical datamodel. With relations, keys, field descriptions – all related to coming programs.

Then it’s time to work on the physical Datamodel, i.e. the implementation as Database – for us Oracle DB.