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Oracle forms to APEX

Although Oracle Forms and APEX share code and data model in terms of Plsql and RDBMS, they share neither structure nor architecture. This often turns out to be one of the knockout challenges in a Form and Report application with 100+ Forms. Building an APEX application reflecting 100+ forms often results in highly complex applications for maintenance and poor performance, when run. The unique SoftBASE APEX MasterApp addresses this and is a central building block in SoftBASE Forms to APEX migration projects.


The SoftBASE APEX MasterApp adds modularity and security to APEX. Applications are grouped into logical modules, meaning you can build a small application, where each application solves a specific part or function of the end-user application. Authentication and Authorization for all apps are maintained centrally for all applications. Hereby APEX is augmented to fit collaboration and complex App-development – also Forms migration. The Forms to APEX migration is done in proven predefined steps and can be offered, after a POC, project as a fixed price project. The steps include:


  • Grouping of forms

  • Module definition

  • GUI generation

  • Code transition, divided into functional, validation, query and transactional into DB packages

  • Navigation definition

  • Testing


SoftBASE APEX MasterApp comes with built-in features, easy to use, and set up for users, like wizards, shortcuts, and quick navigation. Oracle reports will be migrated as well. Most reports can be migrated directly to APEX Reports but some formatted reports may need extras. SoftBASE uses the tool PlPDF for formatted Oracle reports migration.

Excell/Access to APEX

Are you a user of Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Access and have you developed an internal system with Excel sheets in many different formats and located in many different places? Is it a bit difficult to maintain and further develop functionality and features and have you lost the overview?


Why not migrate it to Oracle APEX and get a structured, modern, and sustainable multi-user application that is easy to maintain?


We migrate ADF applications to APEX. The rich Oracle Faces components, that provide the UI are moved to APEX pages and provide a responsive user experience (UX) on any device. The business layer is moved to the database. Afterward, you are left with a maintainable application, accessible both from thick PC clients as well as mobile devices.

Other applications 

If you have other old applications or systems we are more than happy to look at them. We cannot guarantee that we can migrate any kind of application but with our 25 years of migration experience the chances are fairly high. 

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