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Take care of your business while we take care of moving you to the Cloud

The project

Depending on your goal, moving to the cloud can be done remotely with minimum involvement of the customer resources. We divide a Cloud project into three main phases:

1. The On-premise phase, securing and preparing applications and servers before moving to the cloud.

2. The lift and test phase. In this phase, all cloud services and infrastructures will be established, including IPSec tunnels and firewalls. The cloud services will be tested and documented according to predefined schemes, adjusted to the customer.

3. Production phase, is a final phase, with go to live migration of applications and data.

Each of the phases are divided into measurable steps, with detailed activities for us and the customers and everything described in a project plan.

24/7/365 application- and database maintenance

Through our 24/7/365 service (application and database) we secure

surveillance and we minimize downtime. The servers are installed,

including measure points, on CPU, Single Processes, Storage, and

RAM, which enables us to secure uptime, and eliminate problems

before they occur to users, system owners, and customers.

24/7/365 can be supplemented with support, which makes it possible

to reach us up to 24/7 including outside normal working hours,

vacations, etc.

A further benefit for you is focusing on your existing business and users.

You can raise a ticket and we will solve the problem according to the

predefined service level agreement. The incident will be logged in our

help desk. We make sure that all relevant information about the incident,

time, date, consultant, etc. is logged and that we follow the SLA we have

agreed upon. We have developed measure points that we install in your

infrastructure and we will be noticed and will take action when unwanted

situations occur or are coming up.

Our team consist of very experienced specialist and a network of freelance Oracle and Microsoft consultants. You can either choose to let us maintain the database only or you can include your application(s). Everything to either a fixed investment or as a fee per concurrent user. 


We can do it either on premise or in the cloud. You decide.

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