All legal units

All legal units within a group may apply the SaaS contract, also applicable to subsidiaries located far away, due to improved internet and support for local characters and languages. The marginal cost per extra user (Named User) will be small, as the group will benefit from a better Named User: Concurrent User factor.

Customer contract period

The period is limited. After one year the customer may terminate the agreement with a 6 months notice, whereas Softbase is committed for a 5 year period. And during the contract period the fee per Concurrent User will not be increased with more than 3 % in any year.

Specific clauses regarding retrieval of DATA and INFO is not required due to the backup 3 function. The BU3 allows the customer to download all DATA and INFO  to any server of his choice at any time.

Integration service

This is an unique service; that server-side hardware and software components fits together after change, typically a software update. This is possible due to controlled hosting and the single source concept. This does however not prevent customer specific reports, controlled from a specific catalogue.


An option for customers with IT-competence and special requirements.  This may make sense as major benefits relate to the SaaS terms.

The Local Area Network

LAN, is customer territory and the customer may choose a shareware environment or a Microsoft environment – or even mix. Softbase and Partners can advice on design and also deliver key components like a shareware based LAN-server.