B2B Logistics

The traditional boundaries between different trades/products disappear, and many companies meet new competition, new channels and faces new types of complexity –  summed up in these megatrends:

  • Cross-product furniture, apparel, electronics and machinery
  • Omni-channel for contact, sale, delivery – and after sale services
  • Any process variants of classic replenishment and push offerings

Comprehensive IT

A setup with specialized systems will require a myriad of interfaces, comprehensive training for employees and perhaps also confuse customers. This environment requires a new type of IT-system – MUST be based upon a comprehensive, unified Datamodel/Database. Our solution for this cross/omni/any-challenge offers exactly this.



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The Softbase design is built upon many years of experience from contract development for leading EU-traders and international system deployment. We focus on the operative flow of goods and have defined clear interfaces to specialized functional systems.

Supply-side logistics

Containers has dumped transportation cost and the internet has nearly eliminated communication cost. This opens up for wider competition, and B2B companies must secure increased employees productivity.

Supply-side logistics stretch from sourcing companies in the Far East to local logistic operations and warehousing prior to local delivery. This applies a mix of in-house applications and interfaces to applications from various software suppliers, all tied together in one, coherent supply chain. Softbase has as subcontractor for Metro Systems (Metro Group in Düsseldorf) supplied key elements of this process to more than 15 countries in Europe and the Far East.