Development communities


Add’on to the Database – has reached version 5.1

The communities offer knowhow via conferences – in Europe APEX World and APEX Connect – the latter as part of DOAG (Deutsche Oracle AnwenderGroup). Both conferences attract hundreds of users and software companies and have participants from all over EU.

APEX Connect: next major event is sheduled for Dusseldorf April 24th – 26th 2018, expect 50+ presentations and 300+ participants, check in at

Europe plays a central role; check here for APP examples and Consultancies.


Forms and Reports

The classic tool for legacy systems.

The Oracle Database has reached version 12 and so has the development tool Forms and Reports – and version 13, even version 14, is in process! This is synonymous with high-level efficiency.

There are thousands of companies and organizations relaying on this mature development tool and recently user groups and specific communities have started to focus on Co-existence with other newer tools – rejecting the widespread pressure for migration to new, less mature tools.

We have joined the major User group organizations and participate in the relevant SIG’s (Special Interest Groups).

Check  and