APEX MasterApp

The APEX MasterApp adds modularity (grouping of Apps), allowing new Apps to inherit features like authorization, navigation and enables function-development per application, down to a single page App. Hereby APEX is augmented to fit collaboration and complex App-development – also Forms migration.

Request for freeware



The MasterApp software for APEX 18.1up is available to IT-departments as Freeware –   all native in Universal theme and can be installed on any Oracle database within the Organization / Company. 

This proprietary software consists of both the MasterApp-Aministration part and the MasterApp-Development part – and includes tutorial.



The user may modify the MasterApp and add new functionality – and apply third party resources as an extension to in-house capabilities. 

The APEX MasterApp can be applied only by the company /organization specified –  and not be redistributed neither as the original standard MasterApp or as a amended/expanded program.