This year 2019, we participated in the yearly AOUG user conference, which had the headline “Technical but fun”. The user conference was well visited from Austrian as well as International participants, from Poland, Germany, UK, Holland, Denmark and many other countries. it was a well organized and visited event.

Om the developer track we had the pleasure of presenting latest release of interface between Forms and APEX – branded as Forms-APEX workflow. This Interface is based on the newest Forms technology, which is a websocket supporting javascript, the so called frmwebsocketjsi. It is fast and stable. With this interface we have managed to combine everything we could do with previous versions and more. We are supporting a multiform application together with a multiapp/multipage APEX application. This includes SSO/ON-OFF and four directional communication with push and pull form both APEX and the Form site. Forms is of course run as FSAL.