After DOAG, notes about development tools and Forms

DOAG for the 4th time
November 21, 2017
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February 27, 2018
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After DOAG, notes about development tools and Forms

Oracle Forms continuously enjoys a lot of attention and engagement from a large active community, as well as commitment from Oracle. Looking at the distribution of presentations at the DOAG conference:

Figure 1 Development Tool Topics (Source: Sten Vesterli Blog)


Obviously, a lot of attention on APEX, which is becoming our second development tool for new functionality and mobility, and thereafter classic Forms – both PL/SQL based.


Oracle PM Michael Ferrante confirmed Oracle’s commitment to Forms, as stated in the latest updated from August 31st 2017. Here a short snapshot:

In addition, he told that the current main version 12.2.x is based on Java 8 and is in premier support until Oct 2020 and extended support 2023. The Form version 12.2 still has a back compatible support for the Java plug-in, JRE), and thus the premier support ends at the same time, Microsoft ends support for Windows 10 and the Internet Explorer. Support and lifecycle end for both in October 2020.

Figure 2 Forms and Reports Lifecycles (Source: Oracle Product Lifecycles)

One of many new features in the latest release of Oracle Forms is FADS (Fast Application Deployment service), a better distribution method of application based on Forms from development into production. The functionality allows you to create and distribute which is a packaged application, including all Forms, Libraries etc. needed for an application or a patch. This is Oracle’s first step to support Oracle Forms in the cloud. For version 12c though, the only way to run Forms in the Cloud is as IaaS, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (may apply the Hosting Template from Softbase).

Oracle is planning on a new main Forms release, Version 19 in Q4 2018. The terminology version 19 is derived from the new way of versioning Oracle products; now according to the Oracle fiscal year, starting October 1st. Forms19 will be based on Java 18 and have support over the next 8 years after that, i.e. into 2027 … Further releases are planned…