Once again the dominating EU-event Рwith about 2.500 participant and more than 300 presentations; covering Database, Java, Infrastructure & hardware, Middleware & SOA, Development, DHW & BI and strategy & Business Practises.  The expertise is mainly provided by Oracle-staff and consultants Рmany with exhibitions also Рi.e. a marketplace for productivity.

For ISV’s like Softbase the event offers opportunity to observe trends, new tools – sometimes competing – and establish relations with potential customers. This year we noticed some awareness regarding the risk surrounding implementation of all new large systems, “Big bang”- projects, an example ¬†from Denmark highlighted this. And in parallel many proposals for an more evolutionary approach.
Softbased positioned the “STOP Migration” approach – and learned that other ISV’s / consultants now underlines similar offerings – example Auraplayer for mobile addon to classic Forms & Reports. From an instant survey after a presentation, we noticed that 3/4 of the audience planned to take the evolutionary path, to upgrade step for step – not to embark on any type of migration
Checkout the Softbase presentation here