About us

Softbase A/S

We are by definition an Oracle ISV (means Independent Software Vendor) with the development group based in Copenhagen.  Our Technology offerings are available in the EU marketplace, and the SaaS Logistic/ERP is initially supported in Scandinavia and in the DACH-area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland).


Activities were initiated back in 1996 with development groups in Munich and Copenhagen – and a few years later activity in Switzerland was added. The customers were it-Departments or it-Subsidiaries of large companies and the development contracts mainly related to Oracle technology.

These subcontracting projects generated our ERP-design, influenced by the Oracle E-Business system, the same technology, same development tools, a kind of subset. Example: for Metro Group Informatik we developed complete logistics for all East-European and Asian Markets.

The privately owned company is managed by Robert Johannesson, who also is the “chief-architect” for  Application Design and Technology. Further board representatives are; Per Reinholdt with marketing responsibility and Claes Jensen; related to a partner.

Focus to-day

The accumulated ERP-knowhow has been transformed into a high level SaaS offering for Logistics / ERP – delivered via a hosting facility based upon virtualization, allowing each customer functional flexibility and the option for On-premise operation.

We emphasize integration between Private and Public clouds, that a service may originate from several clouds, but appear transparent to the users. The first implementation was a tight integration between ERP-entities and Google Drive.

Recently we have entered the Oracle Technology market with specific toolsets, that will allow Oracle based customers to obtain transparent Co-Existence between present tools and new tools.